What Is Pavilions?

Pavilions is  a unique home design and construction business, offering individual architectural design, detailed prefabrication and building services to our clients.

Central to Pavilions success is the collaboration of Master Builder and Leading Architect, providing a streamlined design and build system that fully integrates every step; from drawing board through to construction.

Our Construction Manager and Principle Architect Philip Pratt, have been working together for over twenty years. With great skill and passion, they’ve developed and refined the Pavilions process to what it is today – an award winning design and build practice with a reputation for creating simply beautiful homes.

With our expertise, creativity and guidance, you can have the perfect living space for your lifestyle.



Bespoke Architectural Design

Pavilion’s offers a complete architectural design, construct and management service at a fixed price. We work directly with our clients to design and build a unique living space, perfectly suited to their lifestyle and build site.


A Pavilions designed home flexes to meet the needs of lifestyle, climate and space in both configuration and aesthetic. It’s beauty lies in the simplicity of its form with an exposed timber mainframe that provides a sense of order and proportion.


Each Pavilion floor plan is created to reflect and enhance your lifestyle as you pass through your day, balancing wide open-plan spaces for socialising with private, comfortable spaces for personal time.

With a bespoke architectural design, all aspects of your personal preferences and lifestyle are taken into consideration, providing thoughtful transitions between inside and out, fully harnesses sunlight, shade and airflow for comfortable, sustainable living and incorporating construction methods that have the lowest impact on the environment and efficiently save energy.


Through our fully integrated design and build system, Pavilions are able to provide a construction system that is capable of unlimited configurations. The unique, component based Pavilion system is custom designed by our architect to match the unique lifestyle of the owner, and each special requirement of the site.



Our Unique Construction System

How it works

Each Pavilion house is individually designed in  our architect studio before it is passed onto the construction management team for fabrication and build.

Pavilions uses a modular GRID system. This GRID matrix underpins the prefabrication of a mainframe structure that can be built in our offsite workshop, and flat-packed  to site for re-assembly. The robust hardwood frame provides for unlimited configurations, and is fast and efficient to build.

Supported by expert  project management, Pavilions can design and build any size dwelling for the many varied landscapes of Australia.

D House Lennox Head



How To Create Your Perfect Living Space


Complete a short questionnaire and we will arrange an initial call from the Pavilions architect to understand your requirements and develop a design brief.


The Pavilion architect studio will design a layout of your project which includes preliminary plans and a 3D perspective. Depending on the location of the project this will include a site visit and a meeting to evaluate your requirements.


Once the design is fully developed we prepare documents for approval by the local authorities and produce a detailed cost plan for the project. Documents are produced for building certification and the timber mainframe is fabricated in the Pavilions workshop.


The building is erected, including the mainframe by Pavilions master builder under the guidance of the Pavilions architect.



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